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Music should be made a compulsory subject in school. What would be the advantages and disadvantages.




It is a common debate nowadays upon making music part of the school’s curriculum. There are proponents and opponents of adopting this approach. I would broach upon each in the subsequent paragraphs.
On the one hand, adding music as a mandatory subject has many advantages. As it can be a relaxing and stress relieving class for the students. Being a fun based class, many students will be interested in having break from their routines boring and tedious lectures. Which will in turn alleviate their interest for coming to school. It can be a source of in door enjoyment. Furthermore, individuals who are are good at it can also adopt it as a carrier and get them self professionally trained. As they can take extra coaching to promote their skills and polish their interests. Many inter or intra school competitions can be held which can promote the healthy competition. It can also play a role in fun based learning, as this teaching methodology can be utilised in training new rhythms poems and even poetry in a non-stressful manner.
On the other hand, fundamental arguments against this statement are distraction, demotivation and de-tracking from the original qualification goal. As students will never prefer to learn in the boring lectures in comparison of this fun based class, which can in turn deviate them from their goals. Also another factor is students can adopt an eagerness and competition with other students for getting those instruments at home. Since these gadgets are quite expensive and it will be burden some for parents, which will induce depression in such students.

In conclusion, it can be said that music adding music as a part of students course has both pros and corns but the pros of this approach outweigh the corns.


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