Working and living abroad helps us to know other cultures well. How far you think working abroad has good or bad impacts on our cultural lives?




Modern life attracts everyone to get a better life standard so the question is how we get our life better? and the first priority to make this possible is to have a good finance or we are supposed to good in wealth. This will only happen if we are living or working in a developed countries.
Now the fact is if we are unable to find a better opportunity or better living standard in our country than an intelligent person plan to go abroad to get a better opportunity and that decision will make their dreams true. But the important thing is that if we are moving from one country to another country many things will change or we can also say that there we get something new or totally changed from our country.
Moreover the thing which we found totally different is culture, while this may also depend on some countries
Furthermore am going to give an example to clarify the main subject if a normal middle class family shifted to European countries from gulf countries than they found a big change in culture they can see people doing different things their way of living is different from them it will attract them actually it will push them to think that what they are doing better from us.
It will definitely push them to think that they are doing the same thing which we are saying to do others. So these things emerge us so get better knowledge about their culture.
I think am successfully able to clarify that what i am thinking that the other culture will not affect ours either there culture will help us to know what our culture what to say. By knowing their culture we will save our life because we are able to know that what type of thoughts made our life bad or good

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