Most people prefer to shop online these days. What are the advantages and disadvantages?




These days large number of people prefer to shop online rather than going out.This essay will discuss that convenience and shopping without pressure is significant advantage and more risk of fraud is primary disadvantage of this trend.
Without a doubt,biggest perk of online shopping is to shop conveniently from the vacinity of your home at anytime without being pressurized by selling techniques of shopkeepers.Oftentime,when we are out,we end up shopping things which are not actualy needed reason being continuous pressure from shopkeeper.This practice has increased dramaticaly during recent pandemic.For instance,online shopping trend has increased more than 70% in last 6 months due to worldwide lockdown.
On the other hand,electronic shopping has many disadvantages as well in which online scammers are on top of everything.During tele shopping,we are compelled to trust on other customer reviews because we cannot check quality of product by ourselves.For example,last year my friend lost 250 dollars because of wrong item delivery by seller and was blocked by them on demand of refund.
To sum up,internet shopping has both pros and cons,so one must be very cautious while shopping and always try to purchase from reknown websites only.

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For example, last year,

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