Some people believe/think that parents should teach children how to be good member of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.




People argue that parents are responsible for teaching their children to be a good member of a society. Whereas, some says that school is the place to learn these things. In my opinion, both parents and school contributes at some extent.
Talking about parent’s contribution, in the early age of child, he/she learns what his/her parents do in front of him/her. Furthermore, they are closer to their parents than any other one so they listen to their parents more. In that age, parents can also give individual attention to their child and make them learn what is good and what is bad. According to a recent survey conducted by the social welfare society of Pakistan, children learn the gestures and activities which their parents do in front of them and recommended that parents should avoid to do such things which later on their children adopt and has bad influence on them.
Nevertheless, school also plays an important role in terms of making child a responsible member of society. Schools can arrange special classes with a defined course for this particular subject. Despite of the fact that there is a lack of individual attention, schools can also be the place where children can learn to be a good member of society by engaging them in such fruitful activities. Instead of making them cramming things at their early age, they should focus on these things. For example, In Japan, schools don’t conduct exams till your child is in grade 4. The reason is that, they focuses on making them a good member of society in their early age. If they learn these things at this age, they will never forget and continue to be more and more responsible person of this society.
All in all, both parents and school can do their own part to make this new generation responsible and good member of the society.

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