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the voting age be lowered to thirteen?




it is my notion that voting age should not be lowered then thirteen. there are several reasons for strengthen this point of view some of them are below;
as result of different researches told us that at the age of thirteen people were immature and not able to think properly.
so how can they cast their vote to someone at that particular age?
vote casting is very important aspect for the betterment of wrong vote casting means wrong person will rule for next five years.which should be very dangerous for the future of country as well as people.
research also told us that at the age of thirteen people were in fantasy world and they did not know how to examine a person for next tenure of ruling the government.
so at that particular age people may cast vote by candidate’s looking or his/her style,or by his/her way of talk or way of walk so these might be their expectations for vote casting which could be wrong.
in conclusion i would like to say that only adults should be allowed for vote their cast and less then thirteen should not be allowed for cast their vote.

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