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There is an age after which one’s efficiency decreases. Should young people in the working fields replace all the old people?




Efficiency refers to one’s ability to achieve the given target in limited time with productive output. One’s efficiency can be measured by completion of tasks alongwith novelty of ideas and all the efforts made to get excellent results. Many factors come in this context to increase efficiency as one should has strong observation power, analytical skills, decision making power, eligibility to understand the situation and many more.
Age factor plays a vital role in elaborating the efficiency level. It’s a genuine fact that efficiency level comes down after a specific period of age. As the youth nowadays are very energetic and mentally strong. They have capabilities to move in stressed conditions as well. They have fresh minds and their qualifications are according to the third generation’s era. So,whatever training would be given to them, they’ll grasp it easily which would have a positive impact on the efficiency level of them. Thus, the qualification nowadays is according to the problems and needs of the current society.
Apart from all these, efficiency does not only depends upon age factor. Sorroundings are also responsible for this. As if a person is mentally disturbed, definitely his efficiency is effected negatively. Similarly, physical illness also comes alongwith.
I believe that old people should not be replaced. Instead, youngsters and oldies should be tied up in a team because the old peoples have experience and youngsters have high levels of energy. So, with collaborating these two extremes, the target can be achieved with the improved efficiency and motivational level.

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