Writing Topic: Most people prefer to shop online these days. What are the advantages and disadvantages?




It is argued that online shoppers are increasing every passing day, This essay will firstly look at some advantage points of online shopping and secondly will address some disadvantages people face while shopping online.

In last decade or so, Online shopping has increased the modern world and people are turning more towards online shopping as compared with the past, where the traditional method of going to the shops are markets was main mean of shopping.From garments to groceries people have the liberty to order almost everything while staying at the comfort of their homes, Thanks to ever increasing numbers of online shopping portals. For instance during the ongoing pandemic where staying at home is inevitable more people explored the online shopping for obvious reasons and felt it very handy considering the situation.

On the other hand we must not close our eyes on some of the disadvantages came along this convenient way of shopping. As discussed in above paragraph, almost everything is available for delivery and naturally people also tilt towards convenience and start excessive ordering of everything,Hence, sub standard items displeasure their shopping experience. A prime example of that is some electronics gadget deliveries,which in case of some problem is hard to claim the warranty for and it is observed that people struggle to reach back the vendors, who are least bothered about the consumer after the sale is completed.

To conclude the topic, I am with an opinion that like many other aspects of our lives online shopping also comes with some pros and cons but as a whole it is beneficial and convenient to shop online in the stressful lifestyle we are in. To avoid any ill experience , we need to be considerate about the brands we are opting for. Their are numerous trusted online shopping portals like Amazon,Ali express etc which are trusted by people around the world and always take ownership of the transactions made through them and make sure for a safer online shopping experience.

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* advantages
In the last decade or so,
online shopping has increased in this modern world
primary mode of shopping
From garments to groceries,
For instance, during the ongoing pandemic,
On the other hand,
we should not be show apathy towards
I am of the opinion
like many aspects of our lives, online shopping
,but as a whole
undesirable experience
There are numerous trusted
, which are trusted
, and make sure

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