HEALTH-: health is a blessing of god ,,.. health is one the man survive in earth and struggles in the world. without health man nothing to do well .. health is important of life…. health is maintain with exercise and maintain diet table a healthy person enjoy all the facilities of life without any problem a good health is maintain with daily exercise … OBESITY-: OBESITy is a major health issue increasing day by day now a day there are various reason behind it…the first cause of obesity is junk food it is often seen most of children were fond of burger chips pizza and e.t.c thesse things are easily available from school canteenes and parents are also buy dinner instead of preparing food .. this is a main cause of problem occur in stomach … many disease spread in stomatch and other part of body this problem can solve by teaching teachers by advising healthy cook food and banned junk food …….this diet is replaced by milk juice and fruits for lunch………………….. EXERCISE-: exercise is also blessing of god ……….. it is important part of our life.. some peoples exercise just for fun but actually that”s benefits for us exercise has many advantages weight management improve the quality of life and reduce the feelings of depression heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be avoided if the person exercising drinks plenty of fluids preferably water…regular exercise has many benefits…crdiovascular condition drop in blood pressure and lipid …………………………….. HABITS-: IT is behaviour that we usually do in our daily life routine.. it consists of two parts good habits aud bad habits…. first one is good habits .. in my opinion good habits are just like your behaviour smiling get up early in the morning exercise daily and your good attitude with your teacher as a being student …. the second habits is bad habits bad habits are just like unpleasant with other peoples and speaking loudly and used vulgur language… MEDICINE-: medicine is just like a remove disease agent.. which is used to remove diseases from budy but it is need to awarness from medicine in many cases seen previously due to ignorancy many peoples use other medicine which is related to other disease these medicines was causes of serious problems man always wishes to healthy the saying health is wealth is absolutely true … medicine has been great help to man against various diseases … medicine has helped the proper working of human machine…

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