Many people believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response




It’s a natural phenomena, we all take some influences from our surrounding. The electronic media is one of them being attached in many ways we have some impact on our thinking , personality ,behaviors and attitude . Television is not a simple word its holding a world in itself one can enjoy multiple things like current affairs, entertainment ,education, awareness of different culture , societies & religions, sports and many other things as well. One can see & get the mind opening things which are not possible for a normal individual like the educational programs, social & cultural awareness of other societies & much more. These things providing a lot of information & entertainment that may be very useful to most of us.
On other hand calamitous things the media is presenting in some domains & effecting the society in a contrary manner that devaluing the fundamental social norms & values. It may be a product of competition between media groups for becoming more popular or in terms of business like breaking a sensitive news or disclosing a story that afterward we realize that it was immaterial to particular issue. What so ever the reason behind the someone can’t claim that the media is ruining the society completely but to some extent it’s true.People think the T.V some time magnified the thing those never need any attention and some time intensified to take the attention of the audience.
Although media has evolutionary role in our lives but its need of the hour to think about and policies should be made accordingly a line should be drawn from those channels which are obliterating our generation’s mind by creating and exacerbating a callous, impassive material

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