Advances in computer technology allows young adults to work from home and children to study at home.Do you think this is positive or a negative change?




It is clear that internet become an important part of modern life. This leads to working and studying from home with the help of cutting edge technology.This situation has both positive and negative impacts .

To begin with ,working and learning at home save time. Employees and students do not need to waste time to travel on daily basis as they do not go anywhere.On the top of that ,people spend more time with their entertainment and family commitments .Another big advantage is to the environment.For instance ,as fewer people move out from their homes ,less petrol and diesel is used ,and less pollution is caused. Traffic congestion ,which is a big problem in the city, also lessened. One more thing is that people who work and learn at homes ,claim to be more productive because they are in noise free environment or not distracted by other students and co-workers. As a result he or she may perform better in their tasks.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, i believe there are considerable drawbacks of this tendency .One negative side is that there is lack of communication ,because of loneliness environment , both learners and the workers do not have a chance to face to face interaction. It makes them isolated and limits social life .Furthermore ,working and studying alone from home can be very boring at times .When you are in proper office and school,there is an atmosphere which keeps you going.

In a nutshell ,it appears that technology has eased our life in many ways, and this is both negative and positive development. However ,i prefer to study and work at home because it gives us better results .

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