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Ethics are the guiding principles that govern individual actions or members of the community. Global Ethics is basically norms adapted by international community which is followed all around the world. Ethics encompasses such areas as morality, values & what is right or wrong. Standard of ethics can be used by any individuals or organization to fulfill their purposes. These rules are set to smoothly run the operations. Basically there are three levels of ethics: personal, professional & global.
Personal ethics are the general expectations of how an individual should act within a community or a society e.g how we educate our children what is right or wrong for them. How to act under some situations. Some people have set some standards. Like what time they wake up, going to school or offices, Dinner Timing, sleep time etc. These norms are followed so that everything goes under plan.
Professional Ethics are basically standard set by any institute to get the desired results. These standards are usually set in offices, schools, colleges, nursing etc. Some offices have standards like attendance system. Reports, Leave Applications etc. These are followed so that system can develop and there is no conflict of interest.
Lastly is Global Ethics. This is the most difficult of them all because these are the norms which are followed internationally. Some norms are developed so that many violations can be stopped. Like Human Right Protection. If there is something wrong going on somewhere a voice can be raised against that policy e.g Palestine, Jammu Kashmir. When there is violation of treaty, people can raise there voice so the whole world should know. But there are conflicts and dilemma, in matters like technology, social, cultural globalization. To agree on all issues are difficult. But there are need for more norms so that conflict can be resolved and it should bring peace to the whole world.

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