Government should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?




Now a day’s government works to improve railways for public. I accede with this statement that government should spend money on railways rather than roads. There are certain reasons to agree with this statement such as railways are cheaper than private transport, it generates less pollution and more convenient and also reduces the congestion on roads. I describe all these reasons in below paragraphs.
It is my assertion that trains are more affordable or economic for local people. Everybody has access to railway trains. Local people can easily travel from one place to another through trains. Government should invest money to improve railways in order to improve their speed and tracks. Trains are much faster than busses people can go their destinations in less time.
Secondly, trains generate less pollution in air because it is obvious that if people go on private transports they will definitely generates more pollution. Trains carry a large number of passengers in a same time as compared to busses. Trains are more convenient than other modes of transportation. Trains reduce the congestion of traffic on roads. People do not face congestion because of fewer vehicles on roads. Good railway system also shows the development of a country. For example research shows that countries which have good railway systems are mostly developed countries. These are the reasons that I agree with this decision.
In conclusion, government should spend more money to improve railways rather than roads. They make them better than other modes of transportation and make their country more developed.

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