In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping centers or malls to do their shopping. Is this a positive or a negative development?




Nowadays, shopping centers and malls have been constructed in different areas of city and this indeed is a positive development as it caters to the needs of many people in ways like, variety of things provided under one roof , it makes shopping hassle-free as people don’t have to drive from place to place to find their required product. They get it all under one roof.
To begin with, malls and shopping centers provide a range of variety of products for the buyers. Almost all brands and products for all age groups from an infant to an adult are provided under one roof in order to satisfy customer’s shopping experience. For instance, my cousin and his wife went for shopping in a shopping mall to buy clothes for themselves. They not only bought clothes from one shop but they also bought garments from various brand shops that were open in that mall. They shopped for each other, and their child from a single mall, they had a sense of contentment.
In addition to this, huge shopping malls make the experience of shopping hassle-free since people don’t have to drive from one place to another in order to buy the product are utility they’re looking for. From home appliances, groceries, garments, and food all this provided under the same roof. For instance, a friend of mine wanted to buy a shirt, and do some groceries, but did not feel like driving from one place to another. Upon my recommendation, he went to the nearby mall, and not only bought the shirt and groceries but also ate food from the food court as he felt hungry while shopping. Thus, he was very surprised and happy to find all his desired things under one roof without driving from one point to another.
To sum up, building shopping malls and shopping centers is an encouraging development for society. They make shopping experience easy and hassle-free by providing variety of things under one roof, and making people focus more on shopping than driving from one destination to another

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