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“Technology creates more problems than it solves, and may threaten or damage the quality of

The speaker is of the view that we live in a place where technology is pervasive and it is causing more harm then benefits. I ,to most extend disagree with the statement as it is the these are far greater benefits that human enjoys then the harms caused by the advancing technology. More over these harms are easily mend able and could be subtle. First of all we see that human are now less vulnerable to diverse type of diseases and and epidemics are now controllable and, with no doubt It is only possible through the the magnificent outbreaks in technology. Most of health problem are diagnose able as we have new computer machines such as ECG and MRI. Thus one could bet the appropriate medicine.
further we talk about industrial revolution which has caused many harm, according to technology critics,still overwhelming advantages. The invention if cranes and assembly line has reduces the burden work of labours and other employees. Previously we see that a huge labour was required to manage the thing in industry of other factories. Now these basic works could be done by the robotics arms and and automatics machines. This human resource could be used some where else. The invention of automatic cranes had made possible the creation of many wonders of modern world such as huge skyscrapers and other building a matter of years and is many cases only months. Now one can justify that it was even near possible in past. No doubt we see that all these advance technology comes with many pollution and other problems. But as technology matures human had researched and discovered many ways to coup with these problems or at least minimize these. As for industries we see that all major companies are concern about promotion eco friendly environment.for instance a a major of fashion wears,Timberland affords a major could on each of their product to insure that its harmful wast is dumped properly and all pollutants are terminated.
As the invention of trains ans planes is leading human race toward more advance locomotives which had reduce the travelling time significantly and cause this world to become global village. Current going to any place in the world is merely a matter of hours. Now the next move humans are planning to go is space.
There are countless example of the benefits human are enjoying. For instance, one of the most important field for human survival: agriculture has been ,made the far easier and fruitful then it was in history. For the most basis example we see the invention of tractors which has replaced the animal driven plough used in early time. The modern tractor is equivalent to 100 old plough. And produced more quality work in same time. As far as agricultural production is concern is has multiplied many time.
In believe that there are many harms and side effects too as a result of advancing technology. As we had seen the smog in Chinese capital city, due to the high usage of locomotives and verticals. This has cause a serious concern of health for their citizens.thus the had taken a major step to reverse this harm. They has limited the unnecessary usage of vehicle with on city. And are planting more and more tree. This had been long before employed my many other counties and results had been in favor. Thus if a balance is created between the usage of technology and proper precautions and after cleaning and wast dumping is done harm could be minimized but benefits would remain same or may increase.

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