Many doctors say that people in today’s world don not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?




In a recent study, doctors have mentioned that the current lifestyle of people does not include physical workouts. Mostly, people are busy in their daily routine life work from dawn to desk. Moreover, they do not enough time to go out there for physical work. Due to lack of exercise, this may leads to many physical issues regarding health.
The main reason behind all this is that the modern technology backwash the human life. Nowadays technology replaces all the old ways of physical exercise. For example, people uses elevators instead of climbing stairs. Similarly, the usage of car is preferred more in comparison to walking or cycling work. The one of the most drawback of technology on the young generation is that they preferred to stay home to play video games rather than getting involved in outdoor activities.
The government should give awareness regarding to physical exercise. The government should put some budget on making parks attractive, so that people come there in leisure time and spend some quality time. In schools, there should be one hour compulsory period for physical exercise. Furthermore, the children get addict to this habit early in their childhood.
In conclusion, I believe that the healthy lifestyle is vital for long life. It is the time that public is encouraged to include physical exercise in their daily routine work.

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