Nowadays children watch too much TV. Why is this happening, and what can be done to prevent it?




It is agreed that nowadays children spend most of their time in front of their television screens. Idleness is accumulating progressively in today’s generation. Very few children in today’s generation are creative, others are all unimaginative and are wasting their exquisite childhoods in front of these devastating television screens.
Firstly, in today’s chaotic and swift world, almost all parents are busy in jobs or in their other duties, which make their children left without any supervision. These children alone have no adult guidance so they decide to spend their time by watching televisions. Secondly, nowadays children are extremely lazy to go out, engage with friends or do physical activities and from their perspective the easiest way to spend their free time is watching television. Televisions are being very attractive and the shows are very colourful, vivid and entertaining so they strike children’s attraction. In addition to this, parents in today’s world are always teaching their children and force them to study all the time which bring children under pressure and they want to get some time free and enjoy themselves. In their point of view, their enjoyment is watching televisions. Furthermore, in many cases, children are way too loved by their parents and are free to do anything they want to do. These spoiled children are not stopped from watching televisions and there most of the time is spent viewing televisions.
However, we all can together prevent these children from ruining their childhood and some actions must be taken by their parents if they want their children to live a happy and successful life. Firstly, the amount of time being spent on televisions should be regulated by parents. Additionally, other activities should be encouraged for children so they reduce their time spent on the televisions. Moreover, parents should be more involved in their children’s lives and spend their time with them to structure their future. Also, parents should tell their children the side effects of watching a lot of television for example weak eyesight. In addition, as there is more urbanization, government should facilitate more recreational facilities and sports clubs etc. at a reasonable price to appeal more children towards these kind of activities. once a famous and respected one said, ‘The footsteps a child follows are most likely to be the ones his parents though they covered up’. If we set an example of watching less television and engaging more with people around, surely the children follow the same steps.

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