IELTS Sample Essay: Smoking has been proven to be seriously harmful to the smoker and also the surrounding people. It should be therefore banned in public places. To what extend do you agree and disagree.




A number of people who smoke have increase over the years. These people know that smoking is a seriously harmful to the smoker but people still choose to smoke. I am totally strongly agree with this idea that smoking should be banned in public places because smoking is not only harmful to the smoker but it also impact for people who close with them.
Firstly, we can see that people do smoke as needed and they have many health problems, due to smoking their health diseases would be create such as lungs cancer. It has some negative effect on lungs of smoker. Similarly, doctors say to the people that they stay away from smoking. Furthermore, through advertisements to be aware of people that it is very harmful for their health and their children as well and say to the people stay away from this activity. Many people smoke when they feel depressed and many people smoke as imitation, especially children who imitate their elder and then they use smoking starts. Children are easily influenced in their growing stage they imitate the people around them but they cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Many teenagers see a young adult when they smoke on the street these children thinks that smoking marks their change into adulthood and their maturity. Hence, more teenagers start smoking due to the influence by seeing other people who smoke in public place. So, it should be banned in public places.
Moreover, Second reason is that smoking does not affect only the smoker negatively, but it also affects all the people around those who smoke. Because, when people smoke in public the smoke travels everywhere through air, and due to this all living thing such as breathing creatures may be affected to it. Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places.
In conclusion, if smoking is banned in public places, it will promote a healthy life style for everyone. Government should have take action about this and send a message about healthier life style toward citizens that their healthy life is very important. When the person believes that smoking is very dangers for their health they can live healthy and they can be avoid from different diseases.

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