You are working for a large company that provides financial help to local community groups and your company director has asked for recommendations about which group to help next year. In your letter Include the group you want to suggest Include what you expect the company to do Explain how that will help the group




Dear Sir/Madam,
I feel immense pleasure to write you for such a noble cause as well as for your considerstion for my input. I would like to recommend for woman empowerment. By allocating for their training as well as financing for starting a business. It would really help them for their rule pay to our economy.
With due respect, women are 51% or above of our population. Most of the families have single earning source. While one man is bearing burden of 7 people on average. By empowering women, we can utilize our resources more efficiently and play our role more effectively.
To take this initiative, we have to take one step ahead of our past practice of financing only. We should have a training institute for the females who are poor and interested in skills learning. Furthermore, a fair system of financing to entrepreneurs to start a business.
Empowering women would be our revolutionary initiativ. By starting this compaign, we would play our part for balancing equation of society. It would give them confidence to proof themselves as well as they would come forward in different fields and lead.
I hope that you would consider my opinion.

Kind regards,

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