A moment when you felt that you were starting to grow up




I was quiet a shy, and an introvert person. I was very much less in confidence which affected me worsely. In any situation, i was always in a feeling like please God save me to face all of this. I always just wanted to hide myself. Things came and passed smoothly. I never took advantage of any opportunity and always ended up with the ignoring, and immature behaviour. I never thought about my financial carrier. I never gave a single thought towards the fact that how would i get a good job? Then there came the moment when i finally thought that i am starting to grow up. I was just 21 when i got married. I was immature at the time. After marriage, i started to think about my own carrier which was nothing. I started working on that thing. After having 2 kids, i immensly end up with the feeling that a mother must be independent especially in her finances. So that is the moment of my life, i starting realizing i was growing up.

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