Advantages and disadvantages of paying for things from mobile apps




In recent times, an increase in payments from mobile apps is gaining popularity. This essay will discuss;firstly,some major advantages of this payment method and secondly, some drawbacks of the the said method.

One major advantage of paying through mobile apps is convenience.therefore,more people are opting for payments through the mobile apps. For example,we can pay our utility bills without queuing up in the banks. This is a time saving option which gives us freedom to pay at a time of our own choosing,whereas,going to the bank is only possible in the banking hours or elsewhere we will have to go again the next working day.

Another advantage of this method is various discounts on offer;furthermore the cash-back offers from the banks on online payments. For instance,payment for air tickets. Air tickets, which we buy online can help us save the money both ways(discount&cash-back)

There are some disadvantages of payments from mobile apps.therefore,the user needs to keep in mind some difficulties they may experience while paying through mobile apps. In case of a cancelled transaction,reversal of the money in the account is a long process which can take upto 15days. In cases where the payment is of a high value,the consumer can suffer a lot due to this lengthy reversal process.

One more disadvantage in this method occurs,when in correct banking details of the payee are provided. Since,this is a technology driven method with little or no manual dependency,severe consequences can be experienced due to a transaction failure. For example, a failure in utility bill payment can result in service disruption, which no consumer wants to experience.

In conclusion,we understand that the advantages of this payment method are far more significant and valuable, compared to the disadvantages. No payment method is fool proof;hence, with little disadvantages, payment from mobile apps is more of an advantage for the users.

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(This essay will discuss;firstly,some major advantages of this payment method and secondly, some drawbacks of the the said method.)
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