as most people spend a major part of their adult life at work,job satisfaction is an important. element of individual wellbeing.what factore contribute to job satisfaction? how realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers.




Its really true that in young age mostly people use to spend their life at work.job satisfaction is really essential part of the individual wellbeing. As in there should be a good and positive realtionship among the manager and his an office staff there are different ranks of the people e.g senior manager,manager,employer,senior clerk,junior clerk etc so its the managers duty to give his attention to his person can happily work over there or can be satisfied if the manager is fulfilling his basic needs and also giving him some kinds of reward, bonuses, job satisfaction, team work, collaboration, cooperation, equality, friendly environment and the least importent giving him handsome ammount of salary so thats true the person will definitly love to work there cause these things will increase alacrity in him.there is an example related to my life as in when i was working in an ngo as a junior manager.there was a cooperative environment among all the employes as it seems that we are all one family.every one was satisfied to his status accrding to their qualification and every day we enjoyed to work as a team members.share ideas,gives some useful piece of advice.the manager were very polite toward us and gives us overburdening.extra wages but on the other side its really not happening.manager is behaving very strictly his relationships with his subordinates are very antipathy so these things not only effects the organization but also mostly employes run away to the particular job where there self esteem is being in my point of view positive things increase promptness among employes in the form of extra money,team work,collaboration.

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There are some spelling mistakes written by mistakenly. Relationship.gave some useful piece of advice.

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The essay is not designed for IELTS purpose in any case.

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Rashid sahab may i know the reason?

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Actually, IELTS demands a professional essay that is chronologically arnged with facts to buttress all you claim. Hope all clear now.

Thank you
Engr. Rashid Ali

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Yes Mr. Rashid is right. A certain pattern is required for IELTS essay. You have to write down an argumentative essay and this is no where near argumentative essay.

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