In your opinion, should young people choose their profession, or should their parents choose for them?




Even though various young people want their parents to choose profession for them, others want to pursue their own will. I believe young people should be given autonomy in choosing their own profession. The reason is, young people are more committed towards the profession they choose themself and will not take it for granted.
There are some situations when parents try to dictate a certain profession to their children. For instance, children may not want to become a doctor, but have to take medical studies just for the sake of their parents. This could cause them getting lower marks and being unable to secure admission in a medical university. Hence, it is quite common for younger people to take a profession for granted if not selected on their own, resulting in wastage of time and resources.
Conversely, younger people who choose their profession based on their personal inclination are found to be putting more efforts for the achievement of their goal. Moreover, it also becomes rather a challenge for students to achieve what they decided on their own. To illustrate this, a survey by the alumni office of Lahore University proposed that graduates who took their professions themself were found to be more satisfied in their particular jobs, as compared to those who fulfilled their parents wish. Although in any profession young people may do their task with hark work, commitment will only be present in their desired field.
Thus, I believe young people are more committed to the profession which they choose themself and are less likely to take it for granted. This is the reason, young people should be given independence to choose their desired profession.

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