One of the biggest problems facing the world today is growing enough food to feed the ever-expanding population. Genetically modified foods are the best way to solve this issue. To what extent do you agree or disagree.




Despite of the fact that growing enough food to meet escalating population is emerging as a biggest problem, genetically modified food perhaps not be able to match the nutrient benefits derived from organic food. To some extent, genetically modified food is the solution of this problem. However, many people may still prefer to use the organic diet.
Due to the advancement of technology, scientists are now able to grow large amount of crops using genetical modifications. For instance, it is fairly possible to grow crops in a building with the help of artificial sunlight. Moreover, ubiquitous use of modern fertilizers have caused dramatic increase in per acre production. This seems to be a plausible approach towards expanding population. Considering the fact, not only population is increasing, area to fulfil the requirement of shelter is reducing cultivable land as well. Hence, genetical modification provides good indication for masses that they will not be starving in future.
On the other hand, though genetical modification will increase the crops for surging population, it will have negative repercussions on health of people. The reason is, it may cause stomach, cardiovascular or lungs related diseases. In spite of meeting the food requirement of people, the nutritional value will suffer. This is the reason, it is common to see diabetes, stomach or heart related patients in this epoch. Thus, it must be considered that genetically modified food is not a direct alternative of organic food.
Overall, I believe genetically modified crops can have negative impact on the health of people, even though meeting up the food requirement.

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