increasing price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems




The growing number of traffic and pollution has been a great challenge to our society and just by increasing cost of petrol and taking other measures might be helpful in future.
First of all, pollution caused by increasing number of traffic vehicles is major concern to our environment like traffic congestion on roads,highways in urban area, make air more dangerous by releasing carbon dioxide through combustion of petrol and even though petrol leakage from some cars,buses stays for longer time during raining season which actually affect vehicles to lose their grip on roads and thus how accidents happen more frequently.On other hand water on roads gets contaminated and then eventually drains into lakes,rivers,ocean .The impact of this on marine environment reflects into various unkown diseases which scientists are still discovering.In addition to this traffic congestion is accounted as contributor factor of noise pollution in society.
However,suddenly increasing price of petrol might be an important approach to lessen pollution but benefits of it will not be considered comprehensive by petrol consumers so there should be training institute to raise awareness in society about diverse side effects on health.Besides this we need to increase road tax,car tax and compel insurance companies to raise insurance cover to minimize number of traffic vehicles and encourage people to use bicycles and other means of transports.
To summarize all of this,environment needs to be kept safe,clean ,healthier by raising cost of petrol will have good perpetual effects on incoming generations.

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