Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished??




Death penalty is usually referred to as capital punishment which is given to criminals in some countries who commit murder, terror activity, rape etc. However it’s banned in some countries because they consider it as a brutal and inhuman punishment.Before coming to conclusion I would like to discuss both aspects of the topic.
Almost in every country Justice and Court system is very complex.In this system anyone can get away with a crime if he have money to afford big lawyers or have sharp mind.On the other hand an innocent can go to jail or hanged if he cannot afford a lawyer or he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.One can also be framed for something which he didn’t do.An innocent’s wrong death is on society hands.
On other hand if murderers and other serious criminals get lose after few years of captivity there will be much more crimes in society.Criminals will think that if they commit any crime they will be out after some time.Crimes ratio especially murder and terror attacks will rise and the balance of society can disturb.
So I think governments strictly apply the capital punishment so that if anyone thinks to commit serious crime like murder he will have fear in his mind that he can be hanged for it.In this way there will be lesser crimes in society.

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