More and more people are migrating to cities in search for a better life,but cities life can be extremely difficult. explain some the difficulties of living in a city.




In recent days, more and more people are travelling to urban areas to maintain a better way of living.The life in cities has both pros and cons.I believe that government should take some action to make people life easier in cities.
To begin with,the cost of education is very high in urban areas.for that reason,many people can nit afford the education charges.In a recent survey,around 1 billion children do not get their secondary education due to high charges.Since the charges of education has been excel many people do not provide the basic education to their children.Government should take proper action to build new institute for poor and needy people.
Second reason is that,the cost of treatment is also at boom.In many cities, poor and mediocre families can not afford the treatment for their beloved ones.Since the prices of treatment has been increasing,many people dying.Government should reduced the prices of treatment for poor,and also should make free hospitals in which needy people could do their treatment free of cost
Another reason is that,the prices of location has also been increasing gradually.Due to this,a large number of people can not afford to live in the cities. Government should lesser the prices of property.However,more and more people could move in urban areas for better facilities.
To encapsulate,i would like to say government should take initiatives to make people life better in cities.

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