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Father is the strongest person in the entire family. He has a lot of liabilities, he has to bear the burden of the whole family. My father is my role model. He is very hardworking. He works from dawn to dusk with full of his vigor. He never overlooked us and perform equity between his working life and personal life. He offers prayer five times a day, which is compulsory for every Muslim. He is affable to me. We accede on most of the points in any discussion. He never tarnished my mood with his annoying behaviour. Due to his friendly behaviour, I never felt banal in his presence. I love his company and enjoy it. May God bless him healthy and halcyon life.

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* ,and he has to bear the responsibilities of the family
He has always been able to create a work-life balance
He is affable towards me or He has an affable nature
He never ridicules me

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