Nowadays children watch too much TV. Why is this happening, and what can be done to prevent it?




Today children are watching more television than at any point in the past. The reason children spend a large amount of their time watching television is the development of streaming websites. Parents should eschew smart phones to curb this trend towards passivity.
The reason children spend outsized amount of time watching television is that it is widely available on streaming websites. For instance, one of them is Youtube. It is one of the earliest websites. Moreover, children can watch any type of content with jut one click on their portable devices without being supervised by their parents. Netflix has become a home theater and has further aggravated the situation.
In order to discourage children from watching television, parents should not give their children smart devices under any circumstances. Once children are no more tempted by phones, it is much easier to indulge them in other activities such as in arts, music and sports classes. For instance, Parents can sign up their children in arts class and fill up their room with colours instead of putting a television in their room. They can also register them in other creative courses. In this way, parents can help prevent their children watching television.
In a nutshell, parents can counterbalance the rise of streaming by banning portable devices and stocking up on art supplies. Unfortunately, it will take a concerted effort from the majority of parents to prevent children without devices from being ostracised socially.

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