Now a days , children watch too much TV , Why is this happening and what can be done to prevent it.




Today’s generation has been addicted to TV ,and they don’t have time to spend with family.There are numerous reasons behind this ,such as parent are busy in their practical life , interesting stuff on TV channel , and many more.In this essay ,I will illustrate the reason behind this ,and propose some quality solutions.
Firstly, most of the parents are involved in their practical life ,and business strategies. Since they don’t have enough time to spend with children , it’s obvious that children would be disconnected and spend their time in watching TV.In recent research article by John Duo , it is stated that 60% of both parents in UK work in organization from 9-6.As a result , they can’t spend their precious time with kids. Parents should devise the day in a way that they can manage office stuff and family as well.They should spend their weekends with kids by going outside, having some healthy food, and enjoying family moments together.
Secondly , there are lots of interesting programs available on TV like cartoons ,animated movies ,magic tricks ,and many others.Consequently, its fascinating for the children to watch that stuff so they spend lots of their time in front of TV. This situation can be tackle if parents provide informational material to their children for reading such as biographies of legends, history books etc. This thing would enhance their knowledge skills as well.
To sum up, its attracting for the children to watch TV programs of their interests ,but excessive use of anything can be harmful. Parents should spend time with children by going to their favourite place ,and having fun together. Furthermore, parents should also buy some interesting books for their children so that their knowledge grooms. In my opinion, its all up to the parents that how they forbid their children to watch lots of TV programs.

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