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According to sociology, there are three types of lifestyles; patriarchal, matriarchal or symmetrical. In a patriarchal lifestyle, men are the major breadwinners and decision makers, whereas in a matriarchal lifestyle women have the upper hand. According to history, mankind has mostly experienced patriarchal lifestyle, except for some regions in Africa, which experience a matriarchal lifestyle. With passage of time and advancement in sociological research, we have known the defaults in both patriarchal and matriarchal lifestyles.

In a matriarchal lifestyle, men are considered inferior, who only take care of the household and children, whereas women are the ones who earn for men and are the decision makers because of the economic supremacy. Men are deprived of their rights, and are not given the respect they deserve. This lifestyle is experienced in limited social zones; but it is increasing with rebellious attitude of women in patriarchal societies.

Patriarchal lifestyle, which is experienced in many cultures around the world, fails to understand the importance of the feminine gender. Men in this type of society are taught to be superior to women; they can decide for their lives, and can rule over them. Women who have their significance in the life circle, are deprived of their basic rights; health, shelter, and education. This is experienced in the uneducated and lower class of many societies. Women also, accept this lifestyle by living under such circumstances. However, the educated class of the same society are now learning the importance of women and they are educating them. Educated people of the same society are advocating for equal social, political, and economic rights of women. This advocacy is termed as, ”feminism”.
The term feminism, has different aspects. A general definition noted by Wikipedia says:

“Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.”

However, people experience two types of feminism. One is people striving for equal rights of women, and the other is turning the wheel of supremacy in hands of the feminine gender, which is matriarchy. When people demand for equal rights, they ask for a symmetrical lifestyle, where men and women live their lives with liberty and justice. In this form of society, men and women are equal in the society, political system and economic standing. On the other hand, women deal the situation hotheadedly. Rather than talking about equality they demand for supremacy and consider the opposite gender their enemy. This type of feminism is practiced by most feminists, distorting the ideology of feminism. In vengeance, these women want to rule the opposite sex as they have ruled over them since centuries. In the end of such struggle, the cycle of injustice would repeat itself.

Before following an ideology, one must understand it. Feminism; is advocating for a symmetrical lifestyle. People must understand that it’s not a war of genders but coalition of genders, to form a symmetrical society.


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