The chart below shows the result of a survey about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in Australian cities. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.




The bar chart compares the survey results of coffee and tea buying and drinking habits of the people of five Australian cities.
Even though 64% of people of Melbourne went to cafe to have tea or coffee, there purchase related to fresh or instant coffee was not the greatest. The lowest percentage which is 34% is related to the people of Brisbane and Adelaide who bought fresh coffee in the last 4 weeks.
Going to cafe turned out to be most famous in terms of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, while it was not the case in Adelaide, as purchase of instant coffee was a bit higher. Moreover, in all five cities of Australia, purchase of fresh coffee seems to be in lower demand as compared to the purchase of instant coffee or going out to the cafes.
It is also evident from the bar chart that people of Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart preferred to go to cafes in order to have coffee or tea. Whereas, people of Brisbane also prefers to buy instant coffee.

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