University education should be free for all students. To what extent do you agree or disagree.




Even though proponents of higher literacy rate feel that university education must be free for all students, I believe it may have negative repercussions on the quality of education provided. To some extent, I agree that free university education must be available to all. Nonetheless, good quality education perhaps not be free.
In this era, university education is considered an important component of people’s life. This is the reason, it should be provided by the government to all the citizens of a country, rather rich or poor. Such as, free university education must be provided by government in return to the taxes paid by the economy. This will not only reduce the literacy rate of the country, yet will also result in reduction of unemployment rate. As the graduates will highly likely start their own businesses, resulting in creating jobs for the masses. Furthermore, it will also have positve impact on the economic development. Hence, university education must be free for all the students.
On the other hand, free university education for all students may not be of good quality. As it is mostly seen, professors and researchers belonging to public universities are not paid well because they do not charge fee to their students. Whereas, private universities pay their employees well due to the reason they meet their finances by charging fees to their students. Thus, distinguished professors and researchers aim to be part of private universities, so that they could earn more according to their skills. For this reason, free university education can only be provided at cost of reduced quality of education. So, university students must be charged a nominal fee in order to maintain the quality of education that is crucial at that stage of their career.
Though I believe that free university education is good for students, in order to maintain the quality nominal fee may be charged.

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