This data elaborates the average monthly temperatures and the average number of hour of sunshine per year in three major cities




The highest temperature was recorded in New York. It had the highest temperature in mid of the July which was 30 degrees. The lowest temperature was also recorded in New York in January which was 4 degrees. London follows the same pattern. At start of the year, the temperature was low, although it rose to 24 degrees in mid of July and and remains same till mid of the august and after that it decreases to 10 degrees. However, the temperature of Sydney was high at start of the year which was 26 degrees and it decreases to 16 degrees till mid of July and then again rose to 25 degrees at the end of the year. Despite of the fact that, both London and New York follows the same pattern, Sydney observes different temperature pattern. Although New York and Sydney got almost same hours of sunshine which was 2535 and 2473, New York had warmer summers. Due to low sunshine hours, London is the coldest city.

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