While some people believe prison is the best place for criminals others think that there are better ways to handle them. What is your opinion?




Nowadays, Crime rate is increasing over the world and criminals are using different types of innovative methods to do crimes. Some people believe that prison is the best place for holding criminals, while others contradict this idea and insist that there are better ways to reform them. According to me, criminals should be locked up whereas those with the desire to transform themselves must be allowed a chance to get involved in reformatory work.
Prison is the hell place for the criminals. Serious offender, who have been involved in serious crimes, they should be locked in the jail because these types of offender are threaten to the society and innocent people’s. For instance, Pakistan is developing country, crime rate is high in the Pakistan. Although people of Pakistan had been faced bomb blast attack and terrorist attack. So that kind of criminals should be locked in the prison. The government can also play a vital role for the punishment of that kind of criminals.
Secondly, there are many reasons for the criminal’s, who are involved in the crimes. To begin with, developing countries are being faced high crime rate because of unemployment and lack of basis facilities. When there will be no opportunities for the well-educated people’s or younger’s, they will obviously choose the wrong way to earn money. Literacy rate is very low in the developing countries. When people will not be educated, they would not be able to understand the moral values. Hence, they will easily involve in crimes and ill legal work. In addition to that, they will definitely spoil the future of others. People may be involved intentionally or unintentionally in the crimes. Sometimes, they want to change their self. However, this is the responsibility of the society to give a chance to move forward and get better future.
In conclusion, it is not realistic to make and follow general rules for all criminals. While a criminal with a dangerous record is a threat to peace and must be in a prison, the others who committed relatively milder crimes can be given an opportunity for reforming themselves.

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