Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




Television programs are playing extremely violent and inappropriate content, which have negatively impact our society. Many people believe that television is the major factor to show violence by programs and serials. I am strongly agreed; this might be an explanation for the increasing amount of violence occurring in our society today.
To begin with, serials are shown on the Television contains harmful contents and matters, which encourages youngsters to commit crimes and violence’s. For example, in India there is a program called Crime Patrol, which talks about the different crimes and how those crimes are committed by criminals. Definitely after watching that kind of telecast, youngster may become delinquent. Furthermore, there are plenty of action programs which contain scenes of cruelty and vulgarity. These are telecasted on the television in all the countries. Due to television action or crime based serial programs, which youngster copy or consider their idols. Again, this also motivates them to commit offence. The news programs can also affect the mind of children.
On the other hand, government can play imperative role to safe our society. Hence, government should take serious action to overcome society violence by implementing strict rules against extremely violent and inappropriate content based serials. Moreover, parents should educate their children and explain the consequences of this fact.
To conclude, there is no doubt that the programs are watched on television and damage our behaviour. I strongly support the idea that measures against this unpleasant phenomenon ought to be taken so that to reduce the amount of violence faced by our society.

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