Capital punishment is a brutal decision and should be abolished.Give your views.




Capital punishment means, to verdict someone to death due to some grievous crime.The punishment varies according to the sort of crime.Like the punishment for looting is different from that of bribery, the case of land grabbing is different from extortion. The most hazardous crime is murder, which means to kill someone deliberately. It is the most serious crime and one who commits this should be given capital punishment.
Rules and regulations are important for the stability of the society. The major difference between a civilized society and a jungle is that in a society one have to live in certain restrictions otherwise he/she has to face dire consequences.These consequences are in the form of punishment for the crime.Moreover, crime can be defined as an activity which is wrong from moral and ethical point of view. On the other hand in a jungle there is no law,no rules.We can also say that the obedience to certain rules can distinguish humans from animals.
The basic purpose of punishment is to bring reform in a society. Those who supports the view that,capital punishment is a brutal act;moreover, it must be abolished, they are in fact not justifying their statment.They are of the view that one who is murdered by someone is gone and it is not justified to take criminal’s life for his sake.They in fact refused to accept that punishment can bring rectification in a society.If one recives punishment this act sets an apt example for others.furthermore it would decrease the crime rate.
If one gives extension to this topic,one can rightly says that the proper system of punishment can bring progress and prosperity for the country. Because the fear to get punished can prevent from many crimes;in addition to it people can just devote their full concern for their progress by legal means.
To sum up all the discussion I can say that government should continue to practice capital punishment because to do justice is not only moral duty but a religious duty too,that if once the guilt is proved the criminal whether he/she belongs to any country,religion or any sect must be punished.

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