Decision can be made quickly, or they can be made after careful thought. Do you agree or disagree? Decisions that make quickly are always wrong. Use reasons and example to support your opinion.




In our everyday life we have to face many situations which require decisions to be made. Decision is the act or process that helps to reach our conclusion or destination. Decisions can be complex or can be very simple it depends upon the situation which a person face. Some people may support that decision that are made after careful planning can be in result of success and vice verse. As far as I am concerned, decisions that should make quickly, not always be wrong.
Firstly, life has become very fast. A person has to complete a large number of tasks in short durations. For example what to eat and cook in the dinner, lunch, watch a movie or to study, wear what type of clothes, either went on a ceremony or not. There are a large number of day-to-day decisions that we have to make without wasting a long time in careful planning. I share my experience, once my uncle was injured in a road accident, alot of his blood has been lost and he need blood on urgent basis. There wasn’t any time that i think for a long time to make the decision, i quickly decide to call all of friends to arrange blood for him.
Similarly, once i was going to another city with my family. Suddenly some robbers stop our car by force of power i-e pistol. They said to give them all the money, watch, cellphone and other material that we possessed and they threatened to shoot us if we resist against their orders. So, we quickly made a decision to give them all those things and if we thought for a long time to made it then this long term planned decision would be result of our death or wrong.
However, in some circumstances and situations we can also not deny the importance of planned decisions, and quick decisions can be a fault. For example, When children wants to choose their area of interest subject or the choose of university, profession. These decisions are very important and crucial because the whole life a person depends upon it.
In conclusion, the making of decision is totally depends on the situation and circumstances. But saying that quick decisions are always wrong, i totally disagree with this statement.

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