Films and computers games which contains violence are very popular. Some people believe that they have a negative effect on society and so should be banned. Other people , however , say they are just harmless and help people to relax. Discuss both these point of views and give your own opinion




Now a days, movies and films are one of the most popular sources of entertainment with vast categories and genres. On the other hand, computer games are taking entertainment and leisure to next level, in some cases, close to reality. Movies and interactive games leave a long-lasting impact on mindsets of the users and one would argue either it is negative or positive impact. In this piece of writing, we will discuss the effect of violent films and video games on the consumer and or it just does not cast any negative impact, but only entertainment.
In recent times, we have seen number of incidents where a person is committing gun violence and killing or hurting people like the violent games where you must do vandalism or shoot people to earn money or to be a mafia boss. Cinema has also substantial influence over the society and it has been observed that people would do the stunts or try to replicate the acts being done in an action movie and caused fatal injury or in some cases loss of life.
Statically there are many studies have been done and came to the inference that watching action films and playing violent games could have adverse effects on the user and urge them to do the same and end up hurting others in society or themselves.
On the contrary, there are number of opinions where users suggest otherwise and take it as entertaining and relaxing. According to them, movies and video games of the said category is being discussed here are just only for fun.
The promotors of action movies and games justify it that in reality it is a business and there is huge public demand and blockbuster action movies are welcomed by audience. Similar trajectory has been also observed in video games business and best video games are violent and or action in nature for example PubG, fortnite, Delta force etc.
We all have read or heard that technology itself is not bad, it’s the use of it that makes it so. Although, the above statement seems to be true, we cannot endorse the violent content either in movies or video games.

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