Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?




With increasing population and when nowadays almost everyone owns a private car, causing a lot of traffic and pollution problems. Some people believe that, increasing the price of petrol will reduce the traffic problems and pollution. In my opinion, it will help to some extent.
In the big cities where people come from different surrounding areas to work or to get education, traffic problems are common. There work places are very far from their homes, so they have to use cars or bikes. These things required fuel to run and the carbon dioxide gas which emits from these things as a buy product causes air pollution. Moreover, people miss use the horn of their cars, which ultimately causing noise pollution. If the petrol price rises, then people will prefer to use public transport for traveling. Apart from that, they will also prefer to walk more or use bicycles. For instance, in Denmark the petrol prices are very high. To compensate this thing, the government has opened different stations from where you can rent a bicycle and reach your office or school.
Although increasing the petrol prices will help in reducing traffic and pollution problems, there are some other factors which will also be beneficial. Instead of just increasing the price of fuel, government should aware the citizens regarding use of electric vehicles. They should subsidize the manufacturing of electric vehicles. For example, in 2005, German government rised the fuel prices because people there, instead of using electric vehicles, they prefer petrol engine cars because electric vehicles were expensive. So by rising the petrol prices and give subsidy on buying electric vehicle with upgrading the local public transport, government tackled the traffic and pollution problem.
To conclude, by increasing the fuel prices will reduce the traffic and pollution problems but at the same time it will rise some other factors which will cause some serious problems if certain measures will not be taken alongside.

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