Many people want to look younger than their real age. What are the causes of this? Is this a positive or negative development?




Many people want to look younger than their real age because of the requirement of their profession, personal likeness or staying fashionable.

People belonging to the profession of showbiz needs to look younger than their real age in order to remain a part of the industry. That is the reason supermodels and film stars work hard in terms of proper diet and workout to look younger so they could have continued fan following. For example, majority of lead roles in films are given to those actors or actresses who looked young. This is a positive development which also have favorable impact on the health of the person by keeping one fit.

Secondly, as far as men are concerned, most of them want to look younger so that they could wear boys clothing. As sneakers, jeans, hoodies mostly look good on younger people. For instance, if I talk about myself, I like to look younger so I could wear shorts and t-shirts. This is indeed a positive development because for it I do regular workout to stay in shape.

Moreover, talking about women who are very concerned about their looks and most of them hide their true age, perhaps want to look younger. They want this because of their personal desire to look younger than their friends, family members and colleagues in their circle. Some do regular work out and take healthy diet, while others also rely on facial surgeries and usage of drugs. Even though staying young through natural means give benefits, reliance on surgeries and drugs have negative repercussions in the long term.

Thus, many people want to look young due to the requirement of their profession, staying fashionable or personal inclination.

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