Obesity in children is greatly increasing and this could lead health problems for them later in life, as wealth as healthcare cost. Why do you think so many children are obese and what could be done to solve this problem.




Nowadays, whole world is suffering from many diseases but the major one is “obesity”. in the past, only adults were suffering from this, but with the passage of time, children are also affected. There are many reasons of obesity in children, and there are also some precautions
That can be taken to protect the children from this disease. I will explain both aspects in this essay.

The most common cause of obesity in children is their love and affection for fast food and its excessive use. If you go around any part of the day to any famous fast food chain like MacDonald’s, KFC, you will find it very hard to have a vacant table to eat and sit. Parents especially mothers, take their kids to these fast food chains to avoid the stress of cooking. Kids love to go to these chains with their parents, and this process is repeated 2 or 3 time a weak. Sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and cold drinks are a favorite meal of children nowadays, but all of them contain high level of cholesterol and sugar, which causes obesity in them. Some children eat fast-food from breakfast to dinner. According to a survey conducted in New York, 8 out of 10 families visit to fast food chain at least once a week.

Second major cause of obesity in children is distance form outdoor sports. In the early days, children were eager to play outdoor games such as cricket, football and basketball etc, but now these have been replaced by social media, mobile phones and video games. Kids sit and grab a mobile phone or play station after having a meal and enjoy it for hours. Because of not walking and sitting on one place constantly for hours, stomach does not get time to digest the food, which causes obesity in them.

Te best way to protect children from obesity is to make them habitual to eat homemade food. The role of mothers in doing this is very crucial. Mother have to take responsibility of cooking in home on regular basis along with other household works. Parents should guide their children the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, and should also tell them that these are way better than pizza and burgers. They should also convince their children to drink fresh juices instead of fizzy drinks by telling them that these fresh juices give energy and power to body, and help to balance the body. It may seem difficult in the beginning so in the case, kids can also be given home-baked sandwiches and burgers because a meal baked at home is way better than that of outside.

Obesity can also be overcome by perusing children to play outdoor games such as cricket and football etc. These have been proved as fun on one side and physical exercise on the other. These outside games help the stomach to digest food; thus, a child can never be a victim of obesity. These outdoor games are the only means by which immature kids can be encouraged exercising.

To conclude, I would like to say that children are commonly affected by obesity due to excessive use of junk food and spending too-much time on social media. Parents should also plan to stop their kids by having these junk foods and fizzy drinks; moreover, outdoor games should be encouraged and indoor ones should be discouraged.

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