Planting trees is very important for the environment. Some people says trees should be planted in the vacant areas of cities and towns, while other says housing facilities should be built instead. Do you agree or disagree?




I agree with the statement that planting trees near housing schemes and localities is vital for our environment, due to a number of reasons. Most important of these reasons are two, trees improve health by minimizing pollution, and trees will help in possible climate change near areas where there is no rain.
Firstly, planting trees in locality is beneficial for health of the people that live around them. Planting trees is vital as they provide oxygen, and living beings need oxygen in order to survive in this world. Without trees, pollution will boost as there will be no photosynthesis, cities and localities will be dirty and unhealthy for humans to live in. For example research in the Boston University states that in 2015 due to plantation of trees in Boston. In 2016 there was 10% decrease in breathing problems of children as well as adults living in Boston.
Secondly, without plantation of trees, the cities would be hotter as with the help of plantation of trees rain occurs. Thus, it would make the climate cooler for humans to live in. If there is no rain, there will be a drought. It will impact the growth of vegetation and fruits in a negative way as they will not be provided with the required amount of water. Therefore, there will not be enough food for people to survive. For example, our government made it vital for every household to plant a tree in their yard, most of the people in our society now enjoy rain every other day, and fruits from their own grown trees like oranges and apple.
To conclude, it is vital for us to plant trees near our localities as it impacts the atmosphere in a positive way, by providing us with fresh air to breathe in. Plantation of trees is also important if we want to live in a cooler and fruitful environment. Thus, I agree with the statement that trees should be planted near cities and localities.

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