Sex education in schools are only introducing conflicting ideas and confusion among the immature minds and should be immediately stopped. Give your opinion in not less than 250 words.




It has been debated severally at length that sex education should be barred in schools in all civilized societies. In my point of view, sex education is increasing instabilities in childish minds of children against opposite sexes. They became chaotic in early age about opposite sexes. It also plays a part to ruin children which is completely bad for society. On the other hand, children become knowledgeable about their own sexes and their bodies and its characteristics.
In the world today, sex education is being taught to schoolchildren but it is making great immoral impacts on their minds. They ardent to know about opponent sex and they want to explore more about these sexes, by losing their progress in other subjects. Therefore, it is completely premature study for children of school age. This subject have completely ruined their minds and made a bad influence on them.
Children lose their grades in other subjects. They do not realize the importance of other subjects such as, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc. and they get less marks in these subjects. Sex education attracts children because it has interesting nature as compare to other subjects such as Geography or History. Children start to think that these subjects are not relevant or important.
In conclusion, sex education seems no longer relevant for children of schools. Therefore, it should be stopped with immediate effect. Therefore, schoolchild will learn the importance of other important and essential subjects. They can be able to focus on these subjects and sports activities too that would enhance their physical and mental level and future career.

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