Some authors believe that urbanisation is a ‘Modern Disease’. In not less than 250 words explain if you agree with this view and give your own opinion.




Key Words: Urbanisation,Modern disease, Conclusion (agree/disagree)

Every state, village, town move towards urbanisation with the passage of time. It is the way in which old conventional methods after going through evolutionary process transformed into something more modern, industrious, economical, efficient and effective. If we look at the history, such chain of events happen during a course of impeccably huge time intervals. But in order to ascertain the consequences, all sorts of measures needs to be advocated before being implemented into new societies. In today’s world there are still some societies that prefer to live in those outdated ways, one of them that is most prominent in America is ‘People from Omnis Cast’.
Benefits of having an urbanised society are myriad. For example have such society increases the life expectancy by having better infrastructure facility, especially in the medical department. On the other hand having better education in such states engenders us to have an ameliorate effect on the next generation. There are myriad number of examples that proves how esoteric urbanisation really is to the world as a whole by elucidating the advantageous of it. And to sum it up, these days the transformation of a society towards urbanisation is much more apparent because of the recent technological development. Most of the work carried out in the past was obscure and had a delayed response but nowadays most of it is conducted in matter of a jiffy.
Though there are many pros to this concept but nothing can go by without having some cons. As mentioned urbanisation overall has many benefits when it comes to societies but mostly it deemed to have serious repercussion when considering the life of a human being. These days people tends not be active in the same manner as they previously were. This fact is asserted by many researchers who deemed urbanisation to be the sole responsible for it. The advance level of technologies has made us naïve towards the hubris effect it is having on our daily life-cycle. For example, people these days are less commuting with each other than playing with their phone to correspond to others. This effects their formal and informal manner of speaking as a whole. Because of the development of advance level of TV screen presented in all sorts of devices it has become rather imperceptible to others of what it’s been doing to our comprehension skills as a whole as people are more perceptible towards moving images than reading. Similarly, having fast auto mobiles to make journeys have made us physically lethargic and will engender some serious enormous effects that will render us unsusceptible to other abhorring effects.
So in my humble opinion I contemplate that having urbanisation will have serious salient effect that we rather not substantiate now but will have an overwhelming effect in the future. Although we need to galvanize the society to take part in other activities that will refrain us from the negativity of the urbanisation.

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i have used strong words in this essay and i would like to know the bands i will get for writing this kind of essay in exam.


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*Ameliorate is not to be used as an adjective

It should be used as a verb

Band 7.5

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