Some people like to spend their leisure time with their colleagues while others prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life. Is it a good thing to spend leisure time with a colleague?




It has been asserted that some people find it more comfortable to spend free time with their workplace’s companions whereas some stay away from them. In this essay, I will outline why I consider it favourable to have a company with a colleague from the workplace.

To commence, the primary reason to support the statement is that the colleagues from the same organisation understand the nature of your job. It is difficult for others from out of the same field to stand in my shoes and feels the same way. The medical professionals or police officers, for instance, usually work twenty-four hours in 03 phases while teachers perform their duty for only 06 hours. So, if the teacher is a friend of a police officer or doctor, he will complain regularly of their proud attitude despite the fact that they might be sincere and busy in the work which would ultimately lead to weaker bond.

Moving forward, colleagues are helpful and beneficial in case of some urgent work. The workplace’s friends may provide replacement and can handle your work. To cite an example, in case of an emergency, if one is unable to attend his duty, he can freely ask a colleague to perform his duty. Moreover, in case of work stress, sympathetic colleagues can be good listeners who could help relieve the stress.

To conclude, I reiterate that partners from the same field are beneficial in terms of feeling the same way as you feel and are able to perform your duties when in need or can be good stress relievers. 

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