IELTS Essay: Some people point out that there will be less international travel in the future. Is this a positive or negative development?




Traveling abroad is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. However, according to few people, international tourism would not be much appreciated in future. In my opinion, limited international traveling negatively affects economic and social motives of any country as well as their inhabitants.

There are compelling reasons why limited international traveling is perceived as negative development. The chief among the causes is that it would be socially disadvantageous for any nation. This is because when people travel abroad, they bring themselves diverse culture, which increases inter-cultural harmony among nations. Furthermore, people who travel abroad, are obliged to learn novel traditions and languages. Take Hong Kong, for instance, which is an epicenter of diverse cultures and traditions due to foreign visitors. If there is traveling abroad, it will refrain social cultures and traditions to flourish.

World’s economy, on the other hand, could witness negative effects owing to limited international travel, something which have been otherwise in the past. This is because international tourism have been encouraging local as well as international economies to grow as host countries get enormous benefits such as boost in local sales, hike in hospitality sector, or inflow of foreign exchange. Thus, in broader perspective, it can be confidently stated that restricted international tourism would be a bane for local and foreign economies.

In conclusion, limited traveling in future, could have adverse effects on country’s social and economic landscapes, which are momentous for survival of any country.Given this scenario, it is recommended that, since international tourism is beneficial for a country as a whole; therefore, it must be encouraged.

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