Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Other people believe it’s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.




Friends play vital role in everyone’s life. It is believed by some people that while choosing friends one should see whether they support the same point of view as you do or not. On the contrary, some say that there should be a difference of opinion between friends in some situations. According to my opinion, having friends that agree with you are as important as the friends that disagree with your decision. My point will further be elaborated in the essay before coming to a conclusion.

Firstly, friends that agrees with you and supports you in your decisions, play a vital role in building your confidence. Confidently, you’ll be able to take even the hardest decisions, if you’re being supported and backed by your friends on that decision. For instance, I won an award for best film in university due to experimenting and using new angles to shoot the film. Encouragingly and confidently, I shot it as I had support of my friends. They encouraged me by supporting and agreeing with me to shoot the film with new ideas that I had.

On the other side, it is equally important to have friends that disagree with you , or have a conflicting opinion with you as by doing this they will protect you from harm. They will help you when you are about to commit a mistake, or are about to take a bad decision in your life. They will help you by indicating that the decision you are about to take might be harmful to you and that could even turn your life into a disaster. For example, once I was saved from an accident, I was driving really fast as there was no traffic on the road at night. My friend that accompanied me in the car insisted me to slow down as he thought we might hit an animal crossing the road at this time of night. I didn’t want to slow down, but I did because of my friend. A few blocks later, we saw ducks crossing the road, and they were only visible since our car was being driven slowly.

To conclude, I believe that friends of both types that support you and those that disagree with you are important to have in your life. Some will be there to build your confidence that you have the power to do anything while others will protect you by guiding you what is doable and what is not doable.

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