Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society.Others believe that school is the place to learn this.




Parents are known as the best mentors for children to make them a civilised citizens, but somehow others disapprove it.They believe that teachers are responsible for the children’s well being in the society.In my opinion both teachers and parents are responsible for grooming of the child however, parents should play a greater role than teachers.
Parents are always the role model to their children.Children mostly copy their parent’s dealings and behaviour.Consequently, parents relation and attitude can change the personality and character of their children.Parents can easily inject good thoughts into their children through setting good examples of their own behaviour. For example, if parents follows rules and regulations in every walk of life, then those qualities will automatically be transfer to their children. Children learn life lessons from their parents without any fear, because of the love and affection they have for their children.
While,on the other hand, some people believe that educational institutions has greater role than the parents to teach them how to be a good member of society. Educational institutions are meant to teach children in studies and in improving discipline as well.Primarily,Children spent most of the time with their parents as compared to the schools and besides this educational institutions aren’t well aware of the cultural and family values of the children. Therefore, parents can teach more properly and keenly to their children than the school.
In conclusion, educational institutions do play a great part in well being of the children ,having said that, parents role is far greater than the school. Parents guiding is more effective than the school so, parents should take more responsibility to make their children civilised citizen.

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