Some psychologists say that doing absolutely nothing for the period of time each day is the key to decreasing stress in everyday life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




As the time is passing, people’s lives are getting more stressful. Psychologists are working on this matter so that they can solve this problem. To cope with this problem, some psychologists suggest a solution. According to them, spending some free time daily would be helpful in the reduction of stress in life. I believe that doing absolutely nothing for the period of time daily would not help in the reduction of daily routine stress; however, there are many other ways of reducing tensions of everyday life.
To begin with, as the competition in life is increasing, lives of people are becoming more stressful. Being idle for a part of the day will lead to more stress. As is well known, idle mind is the breeding ground of evil. After spending some time doing nothing at all, more negative and stressful thoughts would occupy person’s mind, and he or she would become more tensed. However, doing some fun activities would be more affective in this regard.
Furthermore, if a person spends time doing some mind relaxing activities like meditation, yoga, walk and exercise, it would be more beneficial. Engaging mind in meditation has innumerable benefits. Similarly, doing exercise release endorphins, which relaxes a person’s mind. Likewise, spending some time in open fresh air is extremely affective in the reduction of daily tensions. For instance, I have observed that whenever I am stressed, a long walk refreshes my mood.
To conclude, I believe that refraining from every activity is not a good idea. Although some psychologists believe this practice would reduce everyday tensions, it would only increase the stress. Overthinking of problems would harm a person even more. Because a person would think about daily tension more with idle mind, he or she would have become more depressed and pessimist.

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