There is an age after which ones efficiency decreases. Should young people in the working fields replace all the old people?




Labor class, in any country, constitutes the biggest of its population; among which approximately 55% are young, 30% children, and 25% old people. Labor includes all kinds of field work: Agriculture, Construction, Mining, Industries, Manufacturing, Etc. Work of this kind entails a tremendous amount of strength, and energy.There is a school of thought which implies that more young labor should be inducted for a better outcome, and all of the old people should be replaced. In my opinion, replacing all the employed aged people would be unfair, and would not even be remotely possible.

Aging,for a fact, decreases a persons work potential and limits people from doing strenuous tasks. The capability of working for longer periods of time also declines. Some people get old age diseases which, in addition to age related changes, affect their performance. In comparison, young people work with more zest and zeal. They work fast, and produce efficient results in shorter time span.
Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to this strategy. Experience, is a huge factor in delivering the best outcome. Most of the field works require a grasp of the technique . For example, a farmer who has been working in rice field would know all the tricks to gain maximum produce with little resources. He would know exactly when to sow and when to reap. Whereas, a young untrained farmer would have no idea on how to handle the adversities.
Thus, not only force, and efficiency is required but tons of experience is also needed of a person working in fields. The best solution, to my knowledge, would be employing young people to work along with old people, so that they can gain the necessary skills for a particular job.However,old workers in fields which demand more weight lifting, and heavy duty should be replaced by young labor force, and aged experienced employees should be transferred to supervising jobs

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